Termate’s stud type terminal ranges have been core products ever since the inception of the company. The ranges cover stud sizes from M4 up to M12 with fixing bases of 11mm2 through to 50mm2. Accessories including mounting rail, covers, links and terminal markers allow the easy creation of terminal assemblies.


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Ter-Maxi are heavy duty terminals. With a 50mm2 base and M10 or M12 steel stud, it is a sturdy choice for cable shoe sizes up to 240mm2. Mounting rails and barriers are sold separately.

Ter-Mini and Ter-Midi have studs ranging from M4 to M8. Mounting rails, covers, links and markers are sold separately.

Ter-Twins are a twin stud option with either M5, M6 or M8 studs. Mounting rails, covers, links and markers are sold separately.

Ter-Motor are a range of 6-stud motor terminal blocks. Stud sizes of M4 to M10. Each of the stud sizes can be supplied with appropriate links.


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