space grub screw

Termate offer a range of male studs that you can fit to our female insulators in order to create either a female/male or male/male version. The studs are supplied with a hex socket end for easy fitting and feature a ‘patchlock’ which will lock the tightened stud in place and avoids the need to use a separate stud locking adhesive.


Part number Thread Size Stud Length (mm) Hex Socket Size (mm) Recommended Insertion Torque- Male Stud (Nm) Box Qty.
M06-30SLP M6 30 3 10 60
M08-30SLP1 M8 30 4 15 60
M08-40SLP2 M8 40 4 15 60
M10-45SLP3 M10 45 5 25 20
M10-50SLP4 M10 50 5 25 20
M12-55SLP M12 55 6 45 20
M16-70SLP M16 70 8 60 20


1: Use M08-30SLP with all M8 female thread depths to achieve nominal 19-21mm stud length
2: Use M08-40SLP with all M8 female thread depths to achieve nominal 29-31mm stud length
3: Use M10-45SLP with M10 female thread 10mm depth to achieve nominal 35mm stud length
4: Use M10-50SLP with M10 female thread 16mm depth to achieve nominal 34mm stud length


Stud Material Mild Steel, Zinc Plated
Locking Patch Nylon 11


AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD: Standoff Insulator Data Sheet


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