The Low Smoke range of Standoff Insulators is designed to provide exceptional electrical insulation and mechanical support in applications where high fire retardancy and low smoke emissions are required. Made from specialised glass-reinforced polyester DMC, selected to meet NF F16- 101/102 requirements, our range offers high mechanical and insulating capabilities while simultaneously ensuring burning and smoke toxicity standards are met. 

Our range includes a variety of footprints, heights and insert sizes.

  • Self-extinguishing
  • Halogen free
  • Insulation voltage: 1000 V
  • Burning Behaviour I rating: I0
  • Smoke and toxicity F rating: F0


LSSOI 1 LSSOI type 1LSSOI 4 LSSOI type 4

Part number Height [H] (mm) Width [W] (mm) Thread Size [M]* Thread Depth [D] (mm) Length [L] (mm)
LSH625 25 25 M6 7
LSH835 35 25 M8 10
LSH840 40 25 M8 10
LSH845 45 25 M8 10
LSH850 50 25 M8 10
LSH860 60 25 M8 10
LSH835H28 35 25 M8 10 28
LSH840H28 40 25 M8 10 28


space LSSOI 2 lowsmokebarrel

Part number Height [H] (mm) Width [W]  (mm) Thread Size  [M]* Thread Depth [D] (mm)
L3635 35 46 M6 10
L3835 35 46 M8 10
L31035 35 46 M10 10
LSO1045 45 46 M10 10
LSO850 50 46 M8 10


LSSOI 3 Termate Low Smoke Standoff Insulators- L3/LSO Female to Female Diagram, labelled with letters to represent specific dimensions in the table below. LSSOI 5 Termate Low Smoke Standoff Insulators- L3 Female/Male Diagram, labelled with letters to represent specific dimensions in the table below.

Part number Height [H] (mm) Width [W] (mm) Thread Size [M]* Thread Depth [D] (mm) Length [L] (mm)
L3850 51 51 M8 10
L31050 51 51 M10 16
L31250 51 51 M12 16
L3860 60 55 M8 10
L31060 60 55 M10 16
L31260 60 55 M12 16
L31660 60 55 M16 22
L3870 70 55 M8 10
L31070 70 55 M10 16
L31270 70 55 M12 16
L31060M12 60 55 M10/12 16 40


*Fixing details: Hole diameter = Standoff thread size [M]+1 mm. e.g. M6 Thread = 7 mm hole diameter.

For tightening torque values, please refer to the data sheet.

Other sizes of Low Smoke Standoff Insulators may be available. Please contact our team for more information.

Material Glass Reinforced Polyester DMC with
High Fire Retardancy & Low Smoke
Female Insert Material Brass
Male Insert Material Mild Steel, Zinc Plated & Passivated
Operating Temperature -20°C to +130°C
Flammability  V0, to IEC 60695-11-10
NF F Classification 16-101/102, I0, F0
Oxygen Index 70%
Glow Wire 960°C


Equipment Voltage, Ue 1000 V
Insulation Voltage, Ui 1000 V
Impulse Voltage, Uimp 12 kV





Our Low Smoke Standoff Insulators are designed to provide insulated support in assemblies that have to meet specific demands on flammability and release of particulates during a fire. They are suitable for use in underground rail rolling stock, tunnels, marine, mining and oil and gas applications. It is essential that you ensure our range is fully compliant with your specific requirements prior to use; our highly experienced team are available to provide more technical details and advise on product use.


Our insulators are made from specialised DMC (dough moulded compound) with additives for high fire retardancy and low particulate emissions. This material has been independently tested and complies with the NF F16 101/102 requirements as stated.


As with all Termate products, our Pillar Insulators have been subjected to expert testing in order to ensure suitability for their intended application. Each range is fully compliant with the applicable clauses within the international standard for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies, IEC 61439. We can review compliance with other standards upon request. In addition, the material for this range has been subjected to specific testing for reaction to fire, opacity of smoke and toxicity of gases emitted. Our testing procedure is designed to give you the confidence that, when correctly installed in your own assembly, our products will meet the specified ratings. 

Termate have been expertly manufacturing specialised insulation products in the heart of the UK for more than 60 years. We are dedicated to applying our engineering expertise in order to design and manufacture top-of-the-range components, so you can be assured that our products will be high quality. Our in-house product development team constantly seeks to improve existing products and develop new, innovative parts for our customers.


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