Low Voltage Standoff Insulators

Termate have been expertly manufacturing specialised insulation products in the heart of the UK for more than 60 years. We are dedicated to applying our engineering expertise in order to design and manufacture top-of-the-range components, so you can be assured that our products will be high quality. Our in-house product development team constantly seeks to improve existing products and develop new, innovative parts for our customers.

Low Voltage Standoff Insulators

Our standoff insulators are available with both metric and imperial threads, and in a variety of heights and insert sizes.

Termate’s range of Low Voltage Standoff Insulators is designed to provide exceptional electrical insulation and mechanical support in a wide range of low voltage applications. Made from flame-resistant, UL94-V0 classified glass-reinforced polyamide and high-quality brass inserts, our standoffs possess a high arc resistance, and can withstand both high temperature and humidity.

  • Self-extinguishing, UL94-V0 rated
  • Halogen free
  • Insulation voltage 1000 V AC / 1500 V DC
  • Suitable at operating temperature ranging from -20°C up to +130°C (-4°F up to +266°F)
  • UL Recognised Component; File Number: E505645

Technical Data

Our standoff insulators are available with either metric or imperial (UNC) threads, in a variety of product footprints, heights and insert sizes. Each product range has the same distinctive black octagonal design, making them the comprehensive choice for customers wishing to ensure uniformity within their assemblies.

You can use our product selection tool to quickly search our product range for the standoff that meets your requirements, or refer to the table below. It is also possible to search our range by historic Termate product or competitor product codes using our complete cross reference tool.

Standoff Insulator Diagram


FootprintHeight [H] | Thread Size [M]Width across flats [W] mmWidth across corners [X] mm Base diameter [Y] mmShoulder Height [Z] mm
AM2see full range2527226
AM4see full range35383010
AM6see full range60655322.5


FootprintHeight [H] | Thread Size [M]Width across flats [W]Width across corners [X] Base diameter [Y]Shoulder Height [Z]
AU2see full range1″1-1/8″7/8″1/4″
AU4see full range1-3/8″1-1/2″1-1/4″3/8″
AU6see full range2-3/8″2-9/16″2-1/8″7/8″

Our metric insulators can be converted into Male/Male or Female/Male versions by fitting studs from our Grub Screw Pack.



Our insulators are made from glass-reinforced polyamide, chosen specifically for its mechanical capabilities and performance as an insulator. Unlike with porcelain or DMC (dough moulded compound) insulators, this material choice allows our standoffs to be injection moulded, which facilitates increased accuracy compared to compression moulded or resin cast alternatives.


As with all Termate products, our standoff insulators have been put through expert, rigorous and independent testing to ensure suitability for their intended application. Each range has been subjected to cantilever, torque and tensile tests and is fully compliant with the applicable clauses within the international standard for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies, IEC 61439. We can review compliance with other standards upon request.

Our extensive testing procedure is designed to give you the confidence that, when correctly installed in your own assembly, our products will meet the specified ratings.


Our standoff insulators are designed to provide insulated support in assemblies that include live conductors, maintaining the distance between two surfaces to ensure they do not touch.

They are suitable for use in the manufacture of electrical panel boards, control panels, switchboards, power factor correction and distribution boards, as well as generators, switchgear, controlgear and drives. Our standoffs are used across a variety of sectors, including power distribution, renewable energy (from wind, solar and tidal sources), the rail sector (both track side and rolling stock), in marine uses, temporary and emergency power, and in datacentre power distribution.

Are you a panel builder? You may be interested in learning more about the 3 key properties for standoff insulators in low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. 

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