Busbar Plugs

Termate’s BP2X range of busbar plugs are an easy to install versatile busbar plug that achieves IP2X without the need for shutters or barriers.

The plug has been designed to be connected and disconnected off load.

  • The range has 250A and 400A/630A variants, suitable for use with 6mm, 6.3mm and 10mm copper
  • All variants have the same space footprint and utilise the same fixing method and dimensions, giving you consistency in design and manufacturing optimisation across a range of equipment ratings
  • BP2X plugs have the potential to reach an Icc rating of 100kA
Termate icon busbar plugs BP2X


  • Up to 630A 
  • Up to 100kA Icc rating
  • 10, 6 & 6.3mm variants
  • Single pole
  • IP2X solution without need for barrier

See catalogue for full specification.

Our customisable parts range includes a mounting plate for the plugs. It allows for choice of plug alignment and pitch.