Product Demonstrations

Stand-off Insulator Range

Our Stand-off Insulators are Tried, Tested and Approved by our customers in over 60 countries. Why compromise when you don’t have to?

IEC 61439 Compliant
Self Extinguishing: UL94-V0
Small Space Envelope
High Arc Resistance
Zero Halogen
Low and Ultra Low Smoke
Wide Range of Heights and Profiles

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MX Busbar Support

The advanced solution to traditional supports.

IEC 61439 Compliant
Icw rating up to 65kA / 3 Secs
Self extinguishing: UL94-V0
Wide range of Pole, Bar and Phase Centres
Strong and Lightweight

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Through-Wall Bushing & Boot

Professional & Safe Separation when conductors pass between functional units, separate compartments or enclosed protected spaces.

IEC 61439 Compliant
Self Extinguishing: UL94-V0
Versaile – 2 versions that accept up to 8 different conductor sizes
Insulated Boots Available
Easy Installation

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RMS Busbar Support

Small and Mighty.. Accepting 6 x 5mm or 3 x 10mm conductors with a superb Icw rating.

Icw rating 50 kA/ 3 Secs or 65kA / 1 Sec
Strong yet Lightweight
Flexible Mounting centres
Easy to install
Cost effective
IEC 61349 Compliant

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BPSP Busplug

Palm designed for Easy Connection
Single pole makes fitting easier
Icc short circuit up to 80kA
5mm, 6mm and 10mm sizes
1000 Operation Testing (five times more than required by IEC 61439)
250A and 400A versions available

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