Phased Discontinuation Of KM Terminal Boards

6 Stud Motor Terminal Blocks

Following careful consideration, we have decided to discontinue the Ter-Motor KM4SD 6-stud motor terminal board as of the 1st October 2021. Manufacturing of this part will cease promptly, and we will no longer be accepting new orders for this product.

Limited stock of the KM4SD is available, but once out of stock, we will be retiring the part with no plans on reviving it in the future. For more information on our small remaining stock, please feel free to contact us.

The remaining KM motor terminal board range (KM5SDKM6SDKM8SD, and KM10SD) will be discontinued as of the 1st January 2022. These parts will be made-to-order up until the 30th November 2021 for December distribution. Once final orders have been placed, we have no future plans to revive the KM range.

Our heavy-duty stud-type terminals, and our single and twin interlocking stud-type terminals are still available for order and are in no way affected by these changes. Technical data on this range can be easily accessed in our catalogue

Insulating terminal blocks have been a staple of Termate’s product range since the foundation of the company in 1956. Even though we are continuing to manufacture and distribute terminals to this day, the decision to phase out our motor terminal block range was not taken lightly. 

Historically, our products and parts were heavily featured in the rail industry. Not only has the industry changed over time, but so has our company’s direction. We continue to support customers in the rail industry, but many of our parts are now used primarily in the electrical industry, which uses busbars. We have focused on designing and developing new products for this sector and we determined that our KM motor terminal block range was no longer viable for us to continue.

In every product we design, manufacture, and distribute, we aim to not only meet but exceed customer requirements. However, due to recent circumstances that are outside of our control, we are unable to manufacture the product range economically whilst meeting market pricing expectations. While this appears to be a sudden change; extensive consideration and planning had been undertaken in the discontinuation of this long-standing range as it approached the end of its optimal lifespan.

We appreciate and value the strong relationships we have built with our customers over the years, and we understand and apologise for any inconvenience this change to our product range has made. However, we want to see this change as a positive, as it provides us with the opportunity to contribute more to the development of our other standard products utilising our latest capabilities.

If you have any further questions about our remaining stock of KM4SD motor terminal boards or about the phased discontinuation of the KM range, please contact us.

One response to “Phased Discontinuation Of KM Terminal Boards”

  1. Due to the unexpected high volume of KM motor terminal block orders, which have impacted both stock of finished product and the constituent parts used within the final product, the availability of the following links and KM terminal blocks has changed:

    • Links for the complete KM block range are no longer available
    • KM4SD no longer available
    • KM5SD Limited stock 
    • KM6SD Limited stock 
    • KM8SD Limited stock
    • KM10SD Limited stock

    I will continue to monitor and provide updates about the availability of these products and keep you updated here. Final orders for any available KM motor terminal block products must be made by the 30th of November for December distribution.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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