Our Pedigree

In 1956 our first customer was British Rail Engineering Limited, we continue today supplying similar termination products to train makers across the world.

In 1972 we had our first short circuit tests performed, and in 1977 our first compression moulded busbar supports were tested, these supports have been supplied globally to the Low Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear sector.

Our most recent tests have been performed in 2012, and we continue to have a rigorous Product Development process ensuring that we keep our products at the cutting edge.


First ASTA Certificate

Tests Performed in 1972 by Brush Switchgear Testing Station to BS4070:1966.
Test were performed at 43.3kA (31MVA) for 3 seconds
ASTA Certificate Number 7677

First DMC ASTA Certificate

Tests Performed in 1978 by Falcon Short Circuit Testing Laboratory to BS159:1957 and ASTA publication No24:1962.
Tests were performed at 50kA  for 1 second
ASTA Certificate Number 8415

Ongoing Development

Tests Performed in 2012 by Professor Damstra Laboratory to IEC61439
Tests were performed at 65kA for 3 seconds,
80kA for 1 second and 100kA for 1 second.
Damstra Report: PDL12.012