For over 40 years we have independently tested our products to ensure that they meet and exceed the demands of international standards including IEC61439. We work with leading test houses and certification bodies including ASTA and Dekra.

Busbar Supports

Termate provide a comprehensive range of Busbar supports. The range includes solutions for multiple poles, flexible phase centres and bars per pole. Supports with a short circuit withstand capability up to 100kA for 1 second are available.


Stand-off Insulators

Termate offers a full range of standoff insulators, female to female, female to male and male to male. Heights range from 25 to 100mm with threads between M6 and M16.


Through Bushings

Termates B4-30 and B4-50 bushings have been designed to allow connections to pass through enclosure walls, whilst retaining Form 3 or Form 4 enclosure separation in full compliance with IEC61439-2

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Busplug Range

Busbar Plug Single Pole

Simple Fixing
250 & 400A versions
Tested for 1000 insertions & withdrawals
Compliant with IEC61439

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Neutral Links

Termates new Neutral Link offers the facility of isolating the neutral connection by incorporating a sliding link disconnector. With safety in mind, a terminal shield is available for all neutral link ratings.

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