Compression Moulding

To meet our long term commitment to customers who design and test with our components, we continue to manufacture in-house DMC products, while these particular manufacturing techniques have a higher labour demand, we continue to improve the methods of manufacture, keeping costs controlled.


Proven techniques

We have been moulding our own busbar supports in house for over 25 years, this time proven production process has made over 3 Million supports. our product tooling and finishing has consistently provided many customers with the reliable and consistent product they expect.

Specialised Materials

We have provided products for many industrial applications, where having zero halogen and self extinguishing products is taken for granted.
We also have specially developed materials that when subjected to fire release non toxic fumes and clear vapour. These particular parts are ideal for confined spaces such as Trains, Underground environments and also military applications. We have supplied London Underground and the UK’s MOD for many years with these products.

Experienced Operators

Our team that work in the moulding facility have a great mix of experience and competence. Many have worked for the company for over 10 years. We have a vigorous training and competency program that ensures that all the team have a broad experience of operating different machines and tooling.