CNC Machining and Fabrication

Termate have been manufacturing a standard range of electrically insulating products for over 60 years. However we understand that at times a particular application will require a bespoke part which is why we have put in place equipment to offer CNC machining and fabrication at our factory in Nottingham.

What are the benefits?
We are able to offer high quality electrically insulating plastic parts made to your requirements without the need for expensive tooling.
-With the service being offered in house we are able to control production to ensure you get your parts when you   need them.
-We are able to manufacture from material up to 2400mm by 1200 width with a machine gantry height of 400mm.
-We are able to run small batches of products which is perfect for companies prototyping new products or needing a low quantity of a bespoke part.

What we do,
-Products are manufactured based on any stage of your product drawing or CAD model. Where a product drawing/model is not available we can offer additional services to manufacture the product from your sample or specifications.
-With the help of kA Testing we are able to independently prove your product.

Some of the testing services we offer are,

  • Flammability
  • Accelerated Weathering
  • Mechanical Strength
  • Electrical Testing

We welcome all opportunities to quote against your requirements. Please call 0115 978 4652 or email the Sales Department