• Ramadan Kareem

    May the Spirit of Ramadan stay in our heart and illuminate our soul from within. Happy Ramadan!

    Ramadan Kareem
  • MX support for flat conductors

    Termate are delighted to announce the launch of our new MXMF support for flat conductors. MXMF supports extend the well-established and successful MX Busbar support range and use the same proven material and design principles. Suitable for 40 x 10 and 50 x 10 conductors in both 3 and 4 pole configurations they have been independently tested to enable us to designate an Icw rating of 50kA 1s at a pitch of 220mm.
    Please click here to go to the catalogue or contact us for a quotation

    MX support for flat conductors
  • Low voltage Busbar Plugs – BPSP

    Termate are pleased to announce the introduction of an improved and updated Busbar plug ideal for use in withdrawable systems.
    The revised design is interchangeable with the previous version and comes with an improved Impulse Voltage Uimp of 12kV.
    Take a look at the catalogue here or contact us for further information.
    Click for the Termate-Busplug-Catalogue

    Low voltage Busbar Plugs – BPSP
  • Termate R & D Update

    Product Development
    Visit the Termate R & D page to see our latest work with innovative materials, Click to visit page

    Termate R & D Update
  • Through-Wall Bushing

    Professional & Safe Separation when conductors pass between functional units, separate compartments or enclosed protected spaces.

    Termate Through-Wall Bushing enables busbars to pass through barriers or partitions as defined in Form 2A – Form 4B of IEC 61439.

    Available in two versions, which provide a simple and safe way to insulate, protect and support eight different conductor sizes.

    Through-Wall Bushing
  • Stand-Off Insulators

    Ranging from 25mm to 100mm high, with thread sizes from M6  to M16, manufactured from either Polyamide, or DMC with  Low Smoke or Ultra Low Smoke variants, With a choice of shapes from hexagonal to barrel and even star shaped, with options of female inserts both ends, male studs both ends or even one of each. Our insulators are manufactured so that they are easy to select and fit and most importantly, they have been tried, tested and approved by manufactures worldwide.

    Stand-Off Insulators
  • VMS Support -100kA for 1 second

    Our new VMS busbar support passed its Icw (IEC 61439) short circuit test achieving exceptional short circuit rating  performance.

    It coped with 65kA for 3 seconds, 80kA for 1 second and 100kA for 1 second.
    VMS is one of Termate’s range of versatile busbar supports suitable for a variety of phase centres and 1,2 or 3 bars per pole. Want to see just how versatile Termate VMS is; view our new video.

    VMS Support -100kA for 1 second

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